Bold & Bulky Seating Collection Is Designed To Mimic The Horns Of A Buffalo

Bold & Bulky Seating Collection Is Designed To Mimic The Horns Of A Buffalo


When it comes to seating arrangements, one must be super picky and wise. The right seating decision holds immense value to it since your seating arrangement must be comfortable, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing too – if possible. It should not only comfortably accommodate you but also your guests if you’re someone who is fond of hosting. A smart and well-designed seating collection I recently came across, that ticks all these boxes is the Buffo seating collection.

Designer: Mobella

Based in Thailand, the design brand Mobella created the Buffo seating collection, which as its name signifies is inspired by a buffalo! The seating collection includes a sofa and an armchair – both of which replicate the physical traits of a buffalo. The seating designs are equipped with an arching backrest that commands attention and goes on to form sweeping armrests. The focal design of the pieces mimics the shape of a buffalo’s horns. The linear stitching detailing on the pieces further creates the impression of the horns, by imitating their texture.

The Buffo sofa and the armchair both feature firm upholstery which captures the sensation of riding on the back of a buffalo. The spacious sofa can accommodate three people, while the armchair has an interesting swiveling base to facilitate movement. The Buffo collection is also customizable as users can select from a range of upholstery materials that are available in neutral and bold shades. So, you can personalize the pieces according to your personal taste and preference!

However, much like a buffalo, both the Buffo furniture pieces do seem a bit large and bulky. They’re definitely not the most portable designs, and in fact, moving them from one room to another may prove to be a hassle. They’re not well-suited for homes with space constraints, as they will occupy a substantial amount of space, leaving almost no room for other furniture designs and home essentials. But, if you’re someone who enjoys eclectic pieces with a unique and bold personality, and if your home allows the presence of space-consuming designs, then the Buffo collection would be an ideal fit for your living space!


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