Jet capsule lets you speed on the water in a lighter, adaptable shell

Jet capsule lets you speed on the water in a lighter, adaptable shell


If you’ve watched any movie or TV show that features lifestyles of the rich and famous, there is almost always a scene where all sorts of beautiful people riding all sorts of expensive looking water vehicles and toys. For those of us who will probably never have that lifestyle, we can just live vicariously through these videos and dream about jet skiing, yachting, or any other glamorous water activity.

Designer: Pierpaolo Lazzarini

Personally, I dream riding one of those cool looking closed capsule vehicles like this 2024 version of the Jet Capsule Super Sport. I’m afraid to fall in the water but I’d also like to speed on the water, so this seems like the perfect compromise. This new version is way lighter than its predecessor as the lightweight construction has reduced it to just 3200 kg which is 500 kg lighter. The single engine propulsion has a range of 570 hp to 850 hp and is able to reach 38 knots in 12 seconds so you could say it’s built for speed.

The upper structure of the jet capsule is made from carbon fiber which is made through vacuum-infusion molding, hence the lighter and more adaptable water vehicle. Inside you get a space that can seat up to 10 passengers but it is also fully customizable and can even fit in a dinette, bathroom, and beds if the customer wishes to have these optional features. There is a sunbed on the rooftop in case some visitors would like to sunbathe and it can be accessed through a rear ladder.

The Jet Capsule Super Sport can be used as support for several water sporting activities like parasailing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, etc. It can also be used just to speed along the waters or even enjoy some quality time in the middle of the ocean as it can switch to jet-drive while slowing down and full electric mode if you’re low-speed cruising. Again, this will remain a fantasy for people like me but if you can afford it, it seems to be an enjoyable toy to have on your vacation.


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