Razer Aether Lights brighten up your gaming den with RGB lights that sync with your mood

Razer Aether Lights brighten up your gaming den with RGB lights that sync with your mood


Gamers, especially PC gamers, are stereotyped to be creatures that dwell in the dark. That’s true to some extent, but not because of anti-social behavior. Lights and colors shine brighter in the dark, just like in cinemas, and gaming rigs are full of these effects, both on the monitor as well as gaming accessories. Razer, one of the world’s biggest gaming product manufacturers, has been capitalizing on that gamer aesthetic for years. Now it is bringing that fondness for colorful lights from your desk to the rest of your room, bathing the entire area with hues that can dance to your tunes, pulse to your games, or just match the mood you want to have for work and relaxation.

Designer: Razer

Gamer aesthetics have always been associated with RGB lighting against dark backgrounds or spaces, a signature design that has been making its way from gaming devices to smartphones to TVs to even apparel. There’s just something enchanting seeing a rainbow of colors glowing in the dark, especially when they sync with and complement whatever content you have running, whether it’s a game or a film. In fact, there are products that are now trying to bring this kind of experience to more “normal” use cases with light strips, lamps, and even curtain lights.

The new Razer Aether line of RGB lighting is the brand’s own attempt at cornering this growing market, enticing gamers to level up not just their PCs but their entire battle stations with a selection of products that can brighten up the whole room the way they want to. You have the usual culprits, like now popular LED strips in the form of the Razer Aether Light Strip, as well as a color-changing Razer Aether Light Bulb that can be screwed inside any standard E26 or E27 fixture.

Somewhat new to the eyes are two identical-looking but very different table lamps, both taking on a cylindrical form not unlike typical smart speakers. The Razer Aether Lamp glows with a single color at a time, creating pleasing omnidirectional lighting for any space and occasion. The Razer Aether Lamp Pro, on the other hand, takes this to the next level with multi-zone RGB lighting that can display different colors all at the same time, creating a unique visual experience you might have never seen in any lamp before.

Like any Razer product with the company’s Chroma RGB lighting technology, these lamps can be controlled through a PC or, coming soon, mobile apps. This will allow owners not only to customize the lights’ colors and brightness but also their schedules and syncing with games, music, and videos. And while these products are primarily targeted at gamers and for entertainment scenarios, they can definitely be used like regular lamps and lights, extending their usefulness to every part of a gamer’s life.


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