Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 design brings many quality-of-life improvements

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 design brings many quality-of-life improvements


Humans seem to have an innate talent for losing things, especially keys and remote controls. There have been various attempts to help improve remembering such objects, but, truth be told, not everyone has the capacity or the patience to learn those tricks. Thankfully, we have technology at our disposal to help nudge us when we’re about to leave something behind unintentionally, or, in the worst-case scenario, recover something we have lost. Object trackers have existed since the time of Tile and were recently popularized by the Apple AirTag. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag introduced a design that solved those two’s biggest shortcoming, and its second-gen tracker takes things to the next level with an upgrade and, more importantly, an important redesign.

Designer: Samsung

The earliest trackers from Tile as well as the AirTags tried to be as small as possible so you could insert them anywhere. The problem was that they had no built-in way to attach to things like keys, bags, umbrellas, and more. You’d end up having to place them inside tracker holders or other accessories that you had to purchase separately, just so that they could track the very things that get lost or misplaced most often. Samsung’s first stab at this market put a tiny hole just enough to slip in a key ring without having to buy another product.

Now the Galaxy SmartTag2 arrives with a completely new look that sets aside the traditional square and circle designs of most trackers. It comes as a small flat capsule with a very large hole that occupies almost half of its body. This ring has a metal lining to improve its durability, given how it would experience a lot of wear and tear from the ring it holds. The tracker is now also IP67 rated, up from the previous generation’s basic IP53.

What this significant design change means is that the Galaxy SmartTag2 is now more flexible, durable, and reliable. You can attach it to more things, including carabiners and pet collars. It can also withstand more environments and weather conditions, which makes it more usable in various scenarios, like pet care, outdoor equipment management, and more.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 also gets some hardware upgrades, particularly the combination of Bluetooth and UWB to make locating the tracker easier and more precise. This also removes the need to have separate “Base” and “Plus” models, so buyers won’t have a hard time choosing between features. It’s a much-needed upgrade, considering it has been two years since the first-gen SmartTag launched, and one that Samsung hopes will put it on the map when it comes to these wireless trackers.


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