The Cooler Master Sneaker X PC case is now a fully-fledged gaming rig

The Cooler Master Sneaker X PC case is now a fully-fledged gaming rig


Cooler Master is getting extra creative with its case designs lately, and it’s all thanks to mods. Back in February 2022, we reported on a Cooler Master case shaped like a giant shoe that was initially invented by a modder named JMDF during Cooler Master’s 2020 Case Mod World Series competition. At some point along the way, Cooler Master decided to lean fully into the sneaker aesthetic – and now we have Sneaker X, a fully-fledged Mini-ITX gaming desktop that represents the inevitable logical endpoint of designing computers to look like footwear.

Designer: JMDF and Steve Chiang (via Cooler Master)

Cooler Master’s design ethos is made clear in its official Sneaker X video, where it’s shown just how intricate this truly ridiculous-looking desktop needs to be in order to function. The interior is packed with components that look difficult to keep cool given how little airflow is allowed to exist between them. However, an exposed side-vent plus the open roof of the chassis (which unfortunately doesn’t provide enough room for an actual human foot) both likely help heat rise out of the computer’s internal components. There’s also a complex-looking integrated AIO water cooling system connected to a single RGB intake fan on the right side of the case. Yes, you read that correctly: there’s only one visible case fan in the entire build.

The Sneaker X comes in two models, with a few shared technical specifications between them. Every Sneaker X ships with a custom Z790 ITX mobo containing 32 gigs of DDR5 RAM (which, according to an Amazon listing, runs at a base clock of 5600Mhz), a 2TB PCEe 4.0 NVME storage drive, an Intel Core i7-13700K CPU, and the proprietary Master Liquid PL360 Flux “Sneaker Edition” cooling system, all powered by a Cooler Master V850 SFX Gold PSU.

That all sounds great on paper, but for a base price of $3499, the Sneaker X is probably not every PC gamer’s first choice. The base model includes a Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 with 12GB of VRAM, whereas the $3799 edition bumps that GeForce RTX 4070 up to a far more powerful GeForce RTX 4070 Ti. You can now buy either PC from Cooler Master’s website to make your sneaker collection a little more high-tech.


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