This rapid-deploy tactical folding knife combines sharpness and style in a handy package

This rapid-deploy tactical folding knife combines sharpness and style in a handy package


EDCs or Everyday Carries have become the common person’s version of Batman’s utility belt, cramming as many essential tools as possible in a small bag. Of course, what is “essential” can be different from person to person, with some prioritizing gadgets and electronics, while others have a complete set of handyman tools at their disposal. Whatever your use case might be, there will always come a time when you need to cut or slice something and pocket-sized scissors just won’t do. That’s where the Tekto F2 Bravo folding knife comes in, delivering a sharp and powerful blade that quickly deploys for whatever task you need it. Best of all, its small size and handsome looks make it a perfect addition to any EDC kit.

Designer: Tekto Design

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Folding knives, even the tactical kind, are a dime a dozen these days, but that doesn’t mean they’re all equal in ability and design. Some look and feel like large weapons for battle, while others are small yet so flimsy that they can barely cut anything worthwhile. Striking the perfect balance between size, strength, ease of use, and aesthetics, is no easy feat, and yet Tekto manages to pull it off again and again, as proven by the F2 Bravo, a handsome tool whose simple beauty belies the cutting power that lies within.

Titanium Accents – With its custom pivot, machined clip, and milled spacer, the F2 Bravo exemplifies a premium, high-end feel that uniquely matches the look and feel of the knife.

Lightweight – The F2 Bravo weighs only 2.4oz (68g) and comes in two different handle materials best known for their lightness and extreme durability, Forged Carbon and G10.

It may have “tactical” in its name, but the Tekto F2 Bravo looks and feels more like a premium tool than a rugged knife. The handle, which comes in Forged Carbon or G10 variants, feels light yet solid, providing confidence in your grip, while titanium accents put it a level above your common folding knives. Recessed liners also give it a rather clean appearance, cementing its image as a high-end product that won’t look out of place in your carry.

Ceramic Ball Bearings – The state-of-the-art ceramic ball bearing mechanism allows the F2 Bravo to deploy the blade rapidly and smoothly with the utmost ease.

The Tekto F2 Bravo is more than just a pretty face, of course. The titanium-coated D2 steel blade offers sharp and precise cuts every time, while its black appearance gives it a more elegant character compared to the typical silver blades of other knives. More importantly, getting access to this powerful blade is quick and easy thanks to a state-of-the-art ceramic ball bearing mechanism that can deploy the blade swiftly and smoothly. And with a discreet liner lock with a strategically placed jimping, you always have a secure hold on the knife, regardless of the difficulty of the task at hand.

Why settle for bulky, unattractive, or ineffective folding knives when you can have the best of all worlds? With a smooth and swift deployment thanks to innovative ceramic ball bearings, and a handsome minimalist design, the Tekto F2 Bravo tactical folding knife is more than just a tool. It is also a timeless and well-thought-out design that would be a welcome addition to your EDC team.

Click Here to Buy Now: $127.50 $149.99 ($22.49 off with coupon code “F2YANKO”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!


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