A Coffee Grinder So Sleek and User-Friendly, You’d Think Apple or Dyson Designed It

A Coffee Grinder So Sleek and User-Friendly, You’d Think Apple or Dyson Designed It


I’m not one to throw the words Apple and Dyson too flippantly, but that’s pretty much the feeling you get looking at the BURRUS coffee grinder. While you’d expect a regular coffee grinder to simply crush your coffee beans to a fine powder, the BURRUS far outpaces anything you’d expect from a standard grinder. It comes with both automatic and hand-cranked mechanisms, and has a circular display on top that lets you cycle through various settings depending on the kind of grind you want, a magnetically docking wooden collector-mug at the bottom that gathers all your grounds to be transported to your coffee maker, an integrated precision scale that lets you measure out every gram of coffee you grind, and a wireless charging pad that powers the automatic grinder’s motor while also moonlighting as a smartphone charger every now and then. Even the grinder itself is built to the highest standards, with 48mm conical burrs that grind your beans with unmatched consistency, along with a magnetic pre-filter that catches any stray objects like staples that may accidentally end up in your grinder, damaging it. The entire product comes ensconced in an anodized aluminum and mahogany wood exterior, boasting a minimal design that’s still captivating to the eye… like if Sir James Dyson met ace barista James Hoffmann.

Designer: Tolga Akkoç

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Standing tall with its metal + wood body, the BURRUS occupies less physical as well as visual space on your kitchen countertop. Its design marries great style with cutting-edge tech, complementing your state-of-the-art coffee machine and premium single-origin coffee beans. The grinder comes in two variants, a hand-cranked manual version that lets you personally grind each batch of coffee, or an automatic version that relies on an electrical motor that grinds exactly the right amount of coffee down to the milligram with staggering consistency.

With 200 distinct grind settings, you’re not just making coffee – you’re crafting an experience.

Whether it’s the rich oils of a dark roast or the subtle notes of a light roast, our 48mm burr captures the essence, delivering a grind that’s both precise and consistent.

The hand-cranked version is still miles ahead of any manual burr grinder you could find on Amazon. It has a mahogany-knobbed handle that snaps into the grinder magnetically, while the grinder itself is slim enough to be gripped with your other hand. A ring on the base lets you set the coarseness of your grind (coarse for a French press or pour-over, fine for a Moka pot or espresso machine), with a staggering 200 grind settings to choose from. 48mm stainless steel conical burr grinders help crush your beans with incredible consistency. The conical shape of the grinders guides your bean downwards while ensuring the grinding gears don’t shift around too much. This means every coffee ground particle that comes out of the BURRUS is roughly the same size, resulting in a uniform brew. The grounds get collected in a wooden container cup made from mahogany. The cup sits inside the BURRUS, docking magnetically in place. Hold it by the handle and pull it out when you’re done and you can pour the grounds directly into the coffee machine of your choosing.

If you fancy yourself something a little more high-tech, just replace the handle with BURRUS’ electric motor module that turns your manual grinder into an automatic one. The module comes with a 1.3-inch display on the top with a rotating bezel that lets you cycle through the grinder’s multitude of options. You can choose your grind speed, and even program exactly how many grams of coffee you want ground. Hit the button and the BURRUS gets to work, effectively (and silently) crushing your roasted beans to perfection. Grounds are dispensed into the mahogany container below, and a precision scale under it tells the BURRUS exactly when to stop. This means you grind exactly how much coffee you need without any wastage, while also saving money on an additional weighing scale that you’d have to buy separately.

Set your desired grind amount, adjust the speed, and tailor your brew with a level of precision unprecedented in coffee grinders.

The BURRUS comes in black and white color variants, with bronze metal accents and mahogany wood detailing in the handle, base, and the cup. You can alternate between hand-cranked and automatic modes simply by switching the modules on the top, going from a personal experience to an electric motor-powered one depending on what you’re in the mood for. A ring on the waist of the grinder lets you select the burr size, and when in automatic mode, you can even select the grind amount down to a micro-level as well as determine the grind speed you want. The patented inner hardware works silently, so your coffee-grinding ritual doesn’t end up waking everyone else. The automatic grinder also knows exactly when to stop grinding, and in the event that a bean gets stuck in the burrs, an anti-stuck feature allows the BURRUS to course-correct and dislodge the stuck bean. Each grinder is also accompanied by a mahogany wood charging base that you can rest your grinder on… with MagSafe no less, allowing you to also charge your smartphone!

The BURRUS starts at a specially discounted $349 (for just the first 48 hours of the sale) before settling to its super early bird price of $499. It ships globally, and you can also choose to add a wooden cleaning brush (to maintain your grinder) or a premium hard-shell carrying case to your pledge.

Click Here to Buy Now: $349 $1000 ($650 off). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours! Raised over $40,000.


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