Attach a faux Game Boy magnetic wallet to your iPhone

Attach a faux Game Boy magnetic wallet to your iPhone


A lot of “vintage” gadgets and devices are back but not everything is in their original iteration. Not all of these are still working per se since there’s a reason why they became outdated but that doesn’t mean they can’t come back in one form or another. A lot of these older gadgets are now being retrofitted as design concepts. So if you see someone walking around with a Game Boy attached to their phone, that’s not really an actual Game Boy.

Designer: elago

The latest addition to elago’s Nintendo themed Apple accessories is the Game Boy MagSafe wallet, which is exactly what its name says. It’s a magnetic wallet that you can snap on to the back of your MagSafe iPhone (from the 12, 13, 14, and 15 series) where you can store up to two cards. It has RFID blocking material so yur cards will not be affected by electromagnetic waves.

What makes this silicone magnetic wallet unique is that its design is inspired by Nintendo’s Game Boy which will bring on the nostalgic feels for anyone who has played this classic gaming console at one time or another. From the display to the red buttons to the D-pad to the start and select buttons, it has captured the exact design and vibes of the typical Game Boy that we used to know and love.

Since it’s actually a wallet for your two cards, it has a button that will help push the cards out. And since you also have to hold both the phone and attached Game Boy Magsafe wallet, there’s a groove near the bottom so you’ll have a good ergonomic grip. It’s now available for purchase at just $19, if you want to make your iPhone look cooler.


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