How this unique 3D-printed stress ball helps bring relief and fun to your mind and body

How this unique 3D-printed stress ball helps bring relief and fun to your mind and body


Some of the best discoveries in human history were made by accident. Penicillin is probably the most popular example, but the X-ray, microwave ovens, and even cornflakes were all created through serendipity. Of course, accidentally discovering or creating something is one thing, but turning it into a successful and useful design requires more intentional planning and execution. Such is the fortunate series of events that started from testing 3D-printed structures and ended up creating an innovative and distinctive sphere that can do more than your average stress ball, bringing not only relief from mental and physical stress but also some fun and enjoyment, for you, your kids, and maybe even your pets.

Designers: Li Qian, Mason Wuyue Liu, Josie Shi, Suzy Zhang & Mengping Ye

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3D printing has come a long way in enabling the creation of complex structures using more sophisticated materials, but there’s still a lot of room for new techniques. It was during this process of developing a lattice-based structure for a different product that a completely different creation rolled into being, almost literally. The result is the Lettuce Ball, an aptly-named lattice ball whose very structure promises the perfect amount of resistance to be used as a stress ball, a therapy ball, or even a toy.

The secret to this ball isn’t just the lattice structure but also the way it is made. For one, it uses advanced Digital Light Synthesis 3D printing technology that utilizes high-intensity light to cure specific areas of the liquid resin, yielding very precise structures as small as 1/20th of a millimeter. The ball is also printed layer by layer, just like a lettuce ball, in order to offer varying degrees of firmness that would be impossible with regular foam or air-filled stress balls.

The result is a unique-looking stress ball that offers a unique experience from all angles. In addition to just having the right amount of squishiness, the Lettuce Ball is so resilient and durable that it won’t break even from your furry pet’s powerful jaws or claws. It’s also very stretchy but will easily return to its normal, spherical form. Best of all, it’s guaranteed safe from harmful substances and can easily be washed and dried to remain hygienic, taking one more worry off your mind. Plus, the ball’s distinctive lattice structure is a sight for sore eyes, making it a great gift item or a decorative piece on your desk.

So break free from pointless and ineffective stress balls and embrace the results of advanced 3D printing and outside-the-box creative thinking with this unique lattice sphere. Whether you’re trying to remain calm in the middle of heavy traffic, calming your nerves while giving a presentation, putting pressure on sore spots on your body, or giving your furry friend a safe and durable toy, the Lettuce Ball will deliver relief and fun to soothe your whole being, and in an attractive little package, too!

Click Here to Buy Now: 3 for $35 $40 ($5 off). Hurry, for a limited time only!


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