HP Imagine 2023 showcases streamer goodies, a new All-in-One PC, and more

HP Imagine 2023 showcases streamer goodies, a new All-in-One PC, and more


The world premiere HP Imagine showcase event has now come and gone, and with it, HP announced (and subsequently released) a flurry of new products ahead of the Q4 holiday shopping rush. A rather large chunk of the conference focused on HP’s new suite of AI-powered software, but they also highlighted two new computers – including the brand’s newest foldable laptop, the Envy Spectre Fold, as well as the new Envy Move All-in-One PC which looks kind of like a portable iMac for Windows users.

HyperX, which is HP’s gaming arm, also has three new gizmos for streamers to play with this holiday season: the HyperX Vision S Webcam, the HyperX Audio Mixer Audio Interface, and the HyperX Caster Microphone and Camera Arm.

Designer: Hewlett-Packard (HP)

The HP Envy Move seems to be the flagship of HP’s late-2023 lineup, which makes sense given that it’s HP’s first computer to merge the power of a mid-tier desktop with the portability of a laptop, allowing it to be picked up and moved to any part of the home thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery. It’s not a cutting-edge gaming PC by any means, but its built-in 23.8″ 2K display, 13th gen Intel i5 CPU, 16 gigs of LDDR5 RAM, and 1TB of solid state (SSD) storage make it a solid workstation with light gaming and media capabilities at its $899.99 asking price.

If you’re a streamer, however, you’ll likely want to pay more attention to the slew of useful tools HyperX has made available, such as the HyperX Vision S webcam which records in 4K at 60 frames per second for a relatively affordable MSRP of $199.99. It’s also advertised to include a magnetic privacy cover for when you want your private moments to be completely private, worry free, without needing to take the entire thing down and set it up again later when it’s time to stream again.

HyperX has also introduced its new microphone and camera arm, called the HyperX Caster, which looks like a nifty tool to quickly get a wide variety of XLR and USB mics set up and ready to go on any desk – without all the usual hassle. It appears to have plenty of reach, and even contains a built-in cable management system to declutter your streaming area of any loose cables. Unlike most of the other products announced at Imagine, you’ll need to wait until February 2024 before you can get your hands on this one.

Also available starting in 2024 is the new HyperX Audio Mixer, a “professional-quality” USB audio mixer that is compatible with XLR mics – out of the box, at that. Whether or not it competes against comparable mixers like the Elgato Stream Deck (or Razer’s equivalent) remains to be seen, but given the rising popularity of streaming across nearly every social media platform and every interest category, it’s exciting to watch more manufacturers like HP enter the space with their own products.


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