Inflatable tent can be pitched on the ground, water, and trucks

Inflatable tent can be pitched on the ground, water, and trucks


Camping doesn’t appeal to me at all but there are a lot of people out there who would like to spend a night in the great outdoors one way or another. Tents and camping equipment have improved so much over the years and now it’s not just about pitching a simple tent on the grounds, although some still like to do that if they want to go rough and rustic. But if you prefer something a little more “sophisticated”, there are now a lot of options out there.

Designer: Life Cube

One such camping tool is the Life Cube tent, particularly the LC-8 model that will appeal to recreational campers. The previous version of this inflatable tent was ideal for disaster relief and military operations, the company decided to create a smaller and more portable version that can be used by campers and other occasional outdoor enthusiasts. And it can be used on the ground, on top of a truck, and even on the water. They also say it can fit up to 6 people although just from looking at the photos, it might be a little cramped.

If uninflated, all the parts and components of the LC-8 tent can fit into two carry bags that can fit into a car trunk, weighting just around 45kg. You would need around 10 minutes to set it up and inflate it if you’re using a 12-V inflator. Fully inflated, it’s around 8 x 7 feet with a 6.5 foot high roof. You can strap the body into the base and either pitch it on the ground, set it up on a truck bed, or use it as a floating base camp on a lake as long as you tie it to a dock or a tree. Around 2 (probably strong) people can carry it around once inflated.

The Life Cube LC-8 is a but more expensive than the usual tents as it is priced around $2,750. But if you’re often in need of a portable tent anyway, you’ll get your return of investment quickly. And since it’s also derived from the heavy-duty military-grade design of the original LC-12, then you know it should probably last for a long time.


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