Innovative 8-panel Fire Pit design is sure to warm up every outdoor experience

Innovative 8-panel Fire Pit design is sure to warm up every outdoor experience


It’s said that the superiority of the human race can be linked to one event – the discovery and control of fire. Ever since apes figured out how to ignite flames, it put them on a trajectory completely different from the rest of the animal kingdom. Fire became a weapon, fire became shelter, fire became protection, and eventually it helped us cook food in ways that no other animal ever could. Humans and fire have shared a destiny for hundreds and thousands of years, and the UM 8-Panel Fire Pit cherishes that by allowing humans more control over how they ignite outdoor fires. Crafted with a unique, modular 8-panel design, the UM Fire Pit is a portable sheet-metal beauty that can be used as a warming, radiating campfire on a cold winter day, or as a high-temperature grilling pit for quickly searing meats for an incredibly fulfilling rustic meal.

Designer: UM Design

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Designed to be intuitive to set up and easy to use, the UM Fire Pit is the perfect lightweight fire-building apparatus for seasoned outdoor-lovers who want to build effective campfires without all the hassle involved. The sheet metal design contains the cinder within, keeping the fire relatively enclosed while also collecting ashes and embers that fall. Moreover, a unique secondary airflow channel built into the pit’s design helps boost air circulation, allowing your wood to burn more effectively without any smoke. When all’s said and done, the fire pit disassembles into its different parts that can be stored in a special carrying case, making it easy to travel with.

Unlike most fire pits that are designed to be permanent outdoor fixtures, the UM Fire Pit is a portable device that fits into a case the size of a laptop bag. When you need to set the pit up, it takes just under a minute as you place the base on a flat horizontal surface before plugging the 8 panels in. The sheet-metal design keeps the entire fire-pit extremely light but still durable, stable, and highly heat resistant. The fire pit can be assembled in one of many ways – with all 8 panels creating an octagonal heat-chamber for grilling, or with as few as 3-4 panels in an arc to help radiate warmth while allowing you to admire the fire, or with as many panels you want in any configuration to create a balance between heat and flame visibility.

Firewood fits right inside the pit, with the option to add as time passes by, while ashes from the burning cinders gather in a tray at the base which can easily be cleaned once the fire dies down and the pit is cool to the touch. However, while the fire is still roaring, the UM Fire Pit’s grilling plate accessory can be mounted on top of the vertical panels, turning your cozy campfire into the best kitchen the outdoors can provide.

The UM Fire Pit’s ingenious design can be credited to Japanese simplicity and craftsmanship. The entire pit is built from start to finish in Japan, and comes crafted from precisely laser-cut and bent sheets of metal. The base is formed and then welded shut to close any seams that may cause ash to leak through, while each of the vertical panels plug right into a series of cutouts designed to bring the pit together. The vertical panels come with a unique hollow design and a set of holes at the bottom as well as the top. The purpose of these holes is to cleverly channel the air in a way that burns the fire more efficiently.

More oxygen means more fire, simply put. The UM Fire Pit’s design helps provide ‘secondary’ combustion by adding more air into the mix. When all 8 panels are assembled, air gets circulated within the pit’s octagonal design, helping the wood burn. However, air at the bottom also gets channeled into the hollow panels, where they rise up due to heat and make their way out from the holes above. This air helps the wood burn more efficiently, creating extra heat while eliminating smoke that’s caused by incomplete combustion. The result is a better fire, not just for your lungs but also for your food, as the UM Fire Pit reaches higher temperatures than your regular campfire, allowing you to cook food faster than before.

The fire pit’s modular design gives you the power to build exactly the pit you’re looking for. Assemble 4 panels in a continuous arc and you have a directional campfire that radiates heat in a 180° span while allowing you to admire the fire burning within the pit. Want to channel the heat further? Add more panels, concentrating the radiation in a smaller area while also allowing the fire to burn hotter. Add more panels to build a grilling pit, or remove selective panels to make it easier to add logs from the side.

The UM Fire Pit comes crafted from iron sheets, and that black outer finish is actually the result of a unique mill scale coating process that’s produced by heating the iron at a certain temperature for a specific amount of time. This rustic black finish outlasts any paint or color coating, growing richer and deeper with time. Meanwhile, the pit’s panels and base have an inner lining of stainless steel that turns bronze when exposed to high heat as the fire creates an oxide layer on it. This gradually patinas with time, becoming unique to each user and their fire-pit usage style. Although the pit’s parts are crafted to be resistant to rust, the makers recommend wiping off moisture to keep the parts as good as new, and applying a thin layer of oil to help prevent rust build-up, quite like you would with cast iron cookware.

Each UM Fire Pit comes crafted in Japan at Sanyo Works Co., Ltd. – a metalwork plant that’s been operational since 1953, with extensive experience in fabricating metal parts and products. The pit’s simple yet robust design is crafted to last a lifetime, and each put comes with its own carrying bag that lets you travel with your portable fire pit anywhere, whether it’s the backyard, the poolside, or a camping trail. The UM Fire Pit starts at a discounted $225 and ships globally starting Jan 2024… although here’s the kicker, the first 5 backers will get their UM Fire Pit right before Christmas, making for a great gift, or for that s’mores and caroling-by-the-fireside session!

Click Here to Buy Now: $225 $299 (25% off). Hurry, only 1/5 left!


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