Space-saving perching seat encourages you to linger but not stay for long

Space-saving perching seat encourages you to linger but not stay for long


We all need to catch our breaths sometimes, whether to pause after a long walk or to give our arms a rest after carrying a lot of stuff. Sometimes, we might also want to sit a bit while waiting for someone or for some event but the area doesn’t have chairs or even enough space for such furniture. In these scenarios, sitting down might bring a bit of relief, but getting back up again can turn out to be more trouble than it’s worth. The ideal solution would be something that lets you rest your body just a little bit without actually going into a deeper resting state, something that perching seats are made for. This particular design, however, takes that idea even further by offering the bare minimum in style and comfort without taking up too much space and effort to use.

Designer: Addi

Chairs are designed to provide stability and comfort, taking you into their embrace so that you might not even want to get up anymore. That’s great if you’re at home or in a lounge and have plenty of time to really relax, not so much if you’re waiting for an appointment or taking a brief reprieve from a meeting. This specific need calls for a seat that encourages both rest and movement at the same time, a dichotomy that Lumber fully embraces in its similarly contrasting design elements, like a fallen tree trunk in a forest that you briefly sit on before the next leg of your journey.

At first glance, you might not even think that Lumber would be something you should sit on, much less comfortable to use. It is, however, truly designed for comfort and convenience, especially with its flame-proof wool upholstery that can be easily removed for cleaning, replacing, or exchanging. Each Lumber perching seat is color-matched, with powder-coated metal legs in deep burgundy, latte, forest green, dusty blue, and black. A side table rises from one leg on one side, a place for your stuff, vases, drinkware, and more.

Despite its comfortable materials and stable structure, Lumber’s form suggests movement and activity. That’s no surprise, really, considering its design is inspired by a woodworker’s sawhorse, which is also the reason behind its name. Just like that piece of work furniture, Lumber is pretty barebones, which makes it take up less space. You can try fitting quite a number of these in a room and still have plenty of space to move around. Or you can opt for the Lumber Wall design that can be mounted on a wall to free up even more floor space.

Lumber was designed for lingering and loitering, encouraging you to sit for a while without committing to resting completely. It also makes for an interesting artsy piece that inspires both conversation as well as playful interactions. All these while minimizing not just its physical footprint but also material and packaging, thanks to a design that is inherently both restful yet also dynamic, embracing a spirit of journey even in its manufacturing and product lifecycle.


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