The Moving Mechanics Unveils Time Machine SOLARIS: A Kinetic Ode to the Fourth Dimension

The Moving Mechanics Unveils Time Machine SOLARIS: A Kinetic Ode to the Fourth Dimension


According to Einstein’s theories, understanding one’s position in the universe requires acknowledging not only the three spatial dimensions—length, width, and height—but also the fourth dimension: time. Time, in this context, isn’t merely a linear progression but an intricate dance with the cosmos. It’s an element that influences our perception of reality and, in the words of Albert Einstein, demands consideration in both space and time.

In the pursuit of transcending the mundane ticking of standard clocks, The Moving Mechanics Company introduces a new marvel to its collection of time machines. November 2023 marks the unveiling of the Time Machine SOLARIS, a creation that transcends the boundaries of conventional time-telling and introduces a poetic element to the passage of hours.

Designer: Florian Schlumpf

The brainchild of Florian Schlumpf, The Moving Mechanics Company weaves a whimsical and mechanical language into its kinetic masterpieces. Schlumpf, drawing inspiration from sculpture, mechanical engineering, and his passion for cycling, first captured the world’s attention in 2014 with the release of the TM1 at BaselWorld. Since then, the company’s creations have continued to provoke contemplation on humanity’s intricate relationship with time.

Named after the Latin word for sun, the TM Solaris pays homage to the powerful celestial body that guides our days. This timepiece stands out with its elaborate layers of golden wheels and orbiting components, resembling the structure of a planetary system. Crafted from aluminum and adorned with an anodized black and gold finish, the SOLARIS adds a touch of opulence and visual intricacy to any interior space.

At the core of the TM Solaris’s mesmerizing display are 36 wheels that work together to create a symphony of motion. These wheels, meticulously engineered, bring to life an intricate system of patterned gear teeth and spokes, propelling the timepiece over its midnight foundation. Three distinct metal rings elegantly denote the progression of seconds, minutes, and hours, turning time into a visual and auditory experience.

The TM Solaris stands as a sophisticated timekeeping work of art, measuring 700 x 700 x 110 mm. This timepiece, weighing 9kg, can either stand independently or be wall-mounted, offering versatility in its display. The clockwork operates on a 12V synchronous micromotor, driving the 36 wheels that power the intricate movements. The material composition of black and gold anodized aluminum further enhances the aesthetic appeal of this captivating time machine.

As The Moving Mechanics Company continues to redefine the boundaries of time-telling, the TM Solaris stands as a testament to the marriage of art and engineering, inviting observers to transcend the conventional and contemplate the fourth dimension in all its poetic glory.


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