The iPhone 15 Pro Gets a Retro Throwback with Spigen’s iMac G3-Inspired Translucent Cases

The iPhone 15 Pro Gets a Retro Throwback with Spigen’s iMac G3-Inspired Translucent Cases


It might be a little early but this iPhone costume has already won Halloween!

Designed by the folks at Spigen, the C1 MagFit case for the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max takes inspiration from easily one of the most iconic pieces of tech history. Inspired by the iMac G3’s vibrant translucent color series, the C1 MagFit gives your iPhone a retro makeover while protecting it from bumps, scratches, and cracks (the glass front and back are breakable, after all!) and even continuing to enable its MagSafe features.

Designer: Spigen

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Available in three gorgeous colors – the iconic Bondi Blue, Graphite, and Ruby, these cases transform your cutting-edge smartphone into a cult classic. The C1 MagFit case’s multi-part design features a translucent polycarbonate upper shell, an opaque white polycarbonate lower bumper, and a soft TPU inner structure that holds the case’s multiple parts together.

The case pays homage to the iMac G3, a classic all-in-one computer created by the dynamic duo of Steve Jobs and Jony Ive before Apple overwhelmingly migrated to aluminum housings for all their products. The G3 popularized the transparent electronic design movement, with Jobs being fixated on the fact that the insides of our computers shouldn’t look like an ugly mess of circuitry and wires. Stressing that even the insides of our gadgets should look beautiful, Jobs decided to make a computer that you could look inside and marvel every inch of. Obviously that vision died with Apple’s pivot to aluminum, but it’s made quite the resurgence with Carl Pei echoing Jobs with his ‘Technology should be fun’ ethos. The C1 MagFit case brings back that glorious vision to the iPhone 15 Pro with a case that somewhat lifts the veil on technology with its translucent design.

The translucent body exhibits a faux electronics layout, thanks to the molded inner TPU structure, but it surely is a pleasure to look at. You can see chips, modules, PCBs, etc., and there’s even a hole in the center of the TPU inner case that lets you look at the Apple Logo on the phone inside. The hole is surrounded by the case’s own MagSafe ring, allowing you to mount accessories or chargers onto the back of your iPhone.

The two-part case gives your phone multiple layers of protection while still keeping it slim (and frankly looking gorgeous too). Padded foam inserts on the inside of the case absorb shock if the phone falls flat on its back (that glass is pretty fragile) while a solid thick lip around the camera bump keeps your camera lenses safe and sound. The same lip can be found around the front, to protect your phone screen from impact. Tiny air cushions are built into the corners of the case too, helping dissipate impact if the phone falls on its corner. This corner impact is said to be the leading reason behind massive glass cracks because of how the metal frame of the phone transfers impact to the corners of the glass pieces. Spigen’s “Air Cushion Technology™” prevents that from happening, helping protect your phone from all sides.

The C1 MagFit case comes in three colors for both the iPhone 15 Pro as well as the 15 Pro Max. It features clicky tactile buttons on the sides that are a pleasure to use, and textured sides that let you grip the phone with confidence – unlike that slippery titanium frame that’s sure to have your phone slide right out of your hand if you make any sudden movements!

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